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3D Fan Display

One of the most cost-effective display solutions to create a holographic illusion is the 3D Holographic Air Fan Display.

FEATURE — Larger and clearer playback screen – Which supports multiple machine working simultaneously, showing the same picture or to form a bigger picture together.

APPLICATION — Allows you to use it in almost any customer-facing location, at entertainment venues or at events of any size. Can show clear product imaging, flexible replacement of advertising content. The playback screen is larger and clearer, supports multiple online.

GOOD PERFORMANCE — Use ultra-high density LED rotation imaging to show 3D visual effects of the display device. The 3d holographic system can change digital content at any time according to demand.

EASY TO INSTALL — Easy installation – Comes with screws and hanging frame, support rotating, hanging on the wall or multiple machine paratactic installation, and never occupy too much space.