How to Install LED Flat Panel Light

LED Panel Ceiling Light

LED panel ceiling lights are very popular and very good replacement for the old light fixture, because led ceiling panel light can make the environment more soft and modern.The most of place choose the panel lamp ,such as meeting rooms, restaurants and offices,hospitals, schools,hallways and lobbies.


So how to install the led ceiling panel light ? We want share with 4 ways installation of led panel lights. LED ceiling lights of four ways: built in, recessed, mounted and suspended.Please check the installation of led flat panel



Turn power off before inspection,installation or removal     
Properly ground electrical enclose                                                                                                                                                   



Follow all NEC and local codes
Use only UL or IEC approved wire for input/output connections
Minimum size 18 AWG(0.75mm ²)

Please follow the step by step,you can install the led flat panel light completely.


Built In

1. Unscrew the hightlighted screws from the four corners of the panel

2.Place the springs in position and reinstall the four screws .(the screws must be inserted through the center hole of the clip as illustrated above)

3.Cut a square hole in the ceiling 10mm smaller than the led panel

4. Connect the led driver to AC mains power.Push the panel into the ceiling cavity with springs raised.

5.Complete installation.

built in led panel light



1.Connect the LED Panel cable to the DC side of the LED Driver.

2.Place the driver on the back of the panel. 3.Remove the ceiling grid panel.

4.Insert the LED Panel in to ceiling grid. 5.Rotate the Panel to insert easily in to the ceiling grid.

6.Place the LED Panel in line with the ceiling grid.

7.Ensure the Panel sits evenly inside of the T-bar ceiling grid.

8.Remove a ceiling panel next to the LED Panel  9.Connect the LED Driver to AC mains power.

10.Replace the ceiling Panel to complete installation

 Recessed led panel light



1.Take the panel out of the box and protective bag,Remove the protective film.

2.Lift the mounting clip on the edge of panel.

3.Turn the mounting clip head       4.Put the panel into grid ceiling.
5.Check the clips well fasten to T-BAR(Main/Crossceiling tee). 6.Remove the driver box cover

7.Open the knockout hole.     8.Insert the cable into driver box.

9.Connect the AC mains power to LED Driver for Non-dimmable panel.

10.Connect the AC mains power and 0-10V dim cable to LED Driver for 0-10V dimmable panel
11.Fix the driver cover back.   12.Complete.

ul led panle light install




1.Insert the wall plugs into the ceiling and secure the suspension surface fixing to the ceiling.

2.Unscrew the highlighted screws from the four corners of the Panel.
3.Screw the suspension panel fixing to the LED Panel. 4.Screw the suspension cable to the LED Panel.

5.Adjust the length of the suspension cable to the desired length.

6.Screw the suspension cable to the ceiling fixing.

7.Please note the recommended distances for the ceiling fixings.

8.Fix the Panel to the ceiling and make final adjustments for desired height and angle.

9.Connect the LED Driver to AC mains power.

Suspended led panel light


If you want the PDF document of  installation ,please contact with sales.