Ox Lighting aimed at improving high quality for LED Strip,LED Neon Light,LED Profile through advancd led machine , scientific management methods and led lighting technology.We have a plan to update advanced equipment and employ senior enginners by every year.

Our LED Lighting Policies

  • Our company warrants all  Products to be free from defects in material and workmanship leading to failure.Repair or replacemnt for a defective product will be provided only if is proofed by buyer.This warranty is extended to three or five years from shipping date.
  • OX LIGHTING ‘Warranty covers only the product itself,ox lighting will assume not for labor cost,installation costs,or other losses.Due to the rapidly advancing nature of , replacement products may be equivalent to the original in function, but not same.
  • Your Warranty rights will be honored only when the product has been installed and used according to the technical specifications prodvided by ox lighting .Disassebling,Opening the enclosure,Tampering with ,or “Hacking” the product in any way,Ox Lighting will not repair or replace productsList item

What Else? We Have The Best Support Around

  1. We Ready for 1000 pcs Samples for free,Including LED Strip,LED Neon Light,LED Profiles
  2. Our Payment Supports for Ali pay,alibaba order,worldfirst, PayPal ,W.U.,T/T,B/L ,These Are Based On the Business Partners.
  3. Our Payment Supports for Ali pay,alibaba order,worldfirst, PayPal ,W.U.,T/T,B/L ,These Are Based On the Business Partners.
  4. During Warranty 3 Years or 5 Years, All Bad Products We Can Exchange or Delivery New with Next Order.
The following warranties apply to OX LIGHTING Company
Ox Lighting products meet all of the following conditions:

(1) the product was purchased by a contractor on behalf of the end-user or by the end-user from an authorized Ox Lighting distributor who purchased the product directly from Ox Lighting and from no other source;

(2) if the product has been installed, the entire installation was performed by a licensed electrician or under the supervision of a licensed electrician and the product was in its original, unopened and new condition at the time of installation

(3)The limited warranty does not cover abuse, cosmetic damage, or damage due to nature, acts of God, misuse, negligence, or disassembly or modification of any part of the product. The limited warranty does not cover damage due to the failure to follow proper installation and operating procedures, in addition to the following reasons: Loss of or damage to the product due to abuse, mishandling, alteration, accident,or electrical current fluctuations
Five Year Limited LED Product Warranty. Each ox lighting LED product, including the LED electronics and components of its property installed LED product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from the shipment. The product shall be considered defective only if 10% or more of the LED components fail for such product.
Privacy Policy
Ox Lighting are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy of any personal information
 is provided by anyone using the company’s website.
This privacy policy, for this website sets out how the company uses and protects any information it obtains from the client Collection of personal information Clients who visit the website can make use of the majority of the services provided, without disclosing any personal information. However if the client has a general enquiry or requests a quotation or brochure on the website, clients must submit their personal information.Clients can also register as a user of any service provided by the company on this website.
We will store and use this data to fulfil the agreement with the client.The company will collect the following information:Name Email Phone Project name Security.The company will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the client’s information is protected, from unauthorised access and disclosure.
The company cannot guarantee the security of any email communication in transit to the company or any data that has been disclosed online.The company will not be liable for any breach of security only if it’s due to the company’s negligence.
Return Policy
Keeping All Document
Please keep all document (package list,CI,PI,B/L),which to show cooperation with each other.
Once reture policy,we can send you repair or replace product during negotiation time.Ox Lighting does not pay incoming freight on reture claims