HOW CAN ultraviolet disinfection lamp (UVC) KILL bacteria


Ultraviolet (UVA light /UVB light /UVC light ) lamp is a short wavelength lamp range from 100nm to 400nm,the uvc is 100-280nm ,which can kill bacteria (the best uv light kills bacteria).and uvb (365nm) & uva(395nm).

Ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection has already become a widely used by mature technology. The emergence of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has aroused renewed attention and interest and some ultraviolet sterilization lamp and disinfection equipment has become hot.

 It is an indisputable fact that ultraviolet radiation can effectively kill bacteria and viruses. In the theory, the new coronavirus can also be effectively killed by a sufficient amount of ultraviolet radiation. However, only by properly grasping the relevant knowledge of ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection technology, especially the effective control of the dosage of ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection, can the relevant tools and equipment be used in a standardized manner to obtain the ideal disinfection and disinfection effect.

The energy of an optical radiation particle is inversely proportional to the wavelength, so ultraviolet radiation in the short wavelength band of the optical radiation spectrum has a higher energy of a single particle, and they can destroy the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the bacterial virus when irradiated on the bacterial virus.

HOW CAN ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT KILL GERMS?The molecular structure of ribonucleic acid (RNA) causes the rupture of the DNA chain and the cross-linking of nucleic acid and protein, leading to the growth and death of regenerative cells, which achieves the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Experiments show that ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 205-305 nm has a certain sterilization effect, especially the effect of 240-280 nm ultraviolet radiation is particularly significant. Low-pressure mercury lamp, commonly known as ultraviolet sterilization lamp, is currently the most widely used ultraviolet radiation source for sterilization and disinfection.  (uv light disinfection/sterilization)

Its radiation is mainly concentrated in the spectral line with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, which is located in the band with the most significant ultraviolet radiation sterilization and disinfection effect. Therefore, it is the most efficient source of ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection radiation.

ultraviolet rays

The effect of ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection is determined by the ultraviolet radiation dose to the microorganisms: the greater the radiation dose, the higher the sterilization and disinfection efficiency. The ultraviolet radiation dose is the ultraviolet radiation energy received per unit area and is the integral of ultraviolet irradiance to time. When the intensity of the radiation source is substantially unchanged, the ultraviolet radiation dose is equal to the product of ultraviolet irradiance and irradiation time.

In fact, the dose of ultraviolet radiation required to kill different bacterial viruses is different. Experiments have shown that if a low-pressure mercury lamp is used as a radiation source, the ultraviolet radiation dose to kill carbon maggots or Tetanus bacillus is 9 mJ / cm2, and the ultraviolet radiation dose to kill E. coli or Mycobacterium tuberculosis is 12 mJ / cm2. The ultraviolet radiation dose of dysentery bacillus was 45 mJ / cm2; the ultraviolet radiation dose to kill influenza virus was 9 mJ / cm2, and the ultraviolet radiation dose to kill hepatitis B virus was 24 mJ / cm2. Although there is no accurate ultraviolet radiation dose to effectively kill the new coronavirus, relevant experiments have shown that the ultraviolet radiation dose to effectively kill the SARS virus does not exceed 300 mJ / cm2.

Therefore, using a 100 mJ / cm2 ultraviolet radiation dose can kill most bacteria and viruses, which is equivalent to an ultraviolet irradiance of 5 mW / cm2 (close to the low-pressure mercury lamp wall available irradiance) irradiation target 20 s or ultraviolet irradiance 80 μW / cm2 (irradiance obtained at 1 m below the 30 W low-pressure mercury lamp) irradiation target for 20 min.

The key to controlling the ultraviolet radiation dose is the determination of the ultraviolet irradiance at the irradiation target, which is usually measured with an ultraviolet irradiator. It should be noted that the ultraviolet radiation source often needs to be powered on for a few minutes to achieve a stable radiation output, so the measurement must also be performed a few minutes after the radiation source is powered on.

Bacteria and viruses can be killed within a few seconds under strong ultraviolet radiation, so fast, universal, low heat and non-contact are the most prominent advantages of ultraviolet sterilization methods. For a long time, it has become one of the main means of disinfection of operating rooms, burn wards, infectious wards and sterile workshops in medical and health, food production and other fields, as well as disinfection of heat-resistant items and table surfaces. In recent years, because the ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection methods will not introduce impurities into the water and affect the water quality, and the emergence of short-wave ultraviolet LEDs, water treatment and home office air purification have become new hot spots in the application of ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection methods.

You can check some of germicidal lamp below:

Although the single particle energy of ultraviolet radEiation is high, its penetration is weak, and it can only kill the microorganisms directly irradiated. Therefore, it is only suitable for the killing of bacteria and viruses on the target surface. This is the main limitatioron of the ultraviolet sterilization method, so When using ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection methods, the sterilization and disinfection parts must be fully exposed to ultraviolet radiation. When used for sterilization and disinfection of solid surfaces such as fabrics and papers, both sides should be irradiated.

In daily life, many people put fabrics in the sun to dry to sterilize, because sunlight also contains a certain amount of ultraviolet radiation. However, due to the absorption of the atmospheric ozone layer, only solar radiation with a wavelength greater than 290 nm can penetrate the atmosphere and reach the ground, and its wavelength is shorter than 305 nm. The proportion of radiation that is shorter than 305 nm is very small. In the hot sun for a long time, it should also be noted that the warming caused by the rich infrared radiation in the sun also has a certain effect of killing bacteria and viruses.

It must be emphasized that when using ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection methods, you must attach great importance to your own safety protection, because short-wave ultraviolet radiation can also cause damage to the human body as an organism, mainly to avoid direct exposure of the skin, especially the human eye. Short-wave ultraviolet radiation, fabric shielding, wearing glasses, etc. are all effective protective means that can be used.

How to Install LED Flat Panel Light

LED Panel Ceiling Light

LED panel ceiling lights are very popular and very good replacement for the old light fixture, because led ceiling panel light can make the environment more soft and modern.The most of place choose the panel lamp ,such as meeting rooms, restaurants and offices,hospitals, schools,hallways and lobbies.


So how to install the led ceiling panel light ? We want share with 4 ways installation of led panel lights. LED ceiling lights of four ways: built in, recessed, mounted and suspended.Please check the installation of led flat panel



Turn power off before inspection,installation or removal     
Properly ground electrical enclose                                                                                                                                                   



Follow all NEC and local codes
Use only UL or IEC approved wire for input/output connections
Minimum size 18 AWG(0.75mm ²)

Please follow the step by step,you can install the led flat panel light completely.


Built In

1. Unscrew the hightlighted screws from the four corners of the panel

2.Place the springs in position and reinstall the four screws .(the screws must be inserted through the center hole of the clip as illustrated above)

3.Cut a square hole in the ceiling 10mm smaller than the led panel

4. Connect the led driver to AC mains power.Push the panel into the ceiling cavity with springs raised.

5.Complete installation.

built in led panel light



1.Connect the LED Panel cable to the DC side of the LED Driver.

2.Place the driver on the back of the panel. 3.Remove the ceiling grid panel.

4.Insert the LED Panel in to ceiling grid. 5.Rotate the Panel to insert easily in to the ceiling grid.

6.Place the LED Panel in line with the ceiling grid.

7.Ensure the Panel sits evenly inside of the T-bar ceiling grid.

8.Remove a ceiling panel next to the LED Panel  9.Connect the LED Driver to AC mains power.

10.Replace the ceiling Panel to complete installation

 Recessed led panel light



1.Take the panel out of the box and protective bag,Remove the protective film.

2.Lift the mounting clip on the edge of panel.

3.Turn the mounting clip head       4.Put the panel into grid ceiling.
5.Check the clips well fasten to T-BAR(Main/Crossceiling tee). 6.Remove the driver box cover

7.Open the knockout hole.     8.Insert the cable into driver box.

9.Connect the AC mains power to LED Driver for Non-dimmable panel.

10.Connect the AC mains power and 0-10V dim cable to LED Driver for 0-10V dimmable panel
11.Fix the driver cover back.   12.Complete.

ul led panle light install




1.Insert the wall plugs into the ceiling and secure the suspension surface fixing to the ceiling.

2.Unscrew the highlighted screws from the four corners of the Panel.
3.Screw the suspension panel fixing to the LED Panel. 4.Screw the suspension cable to the LED Panel.

5.Adjust the length of the suspension cable to the desired length.

6.Screw the suspension cable to the ceiling fixing.

7.Please note the recommended distances for the ceiling fixings.

8.Fix the Panel to the ceiling and make final adjustments for desired height and angle.

9.Connect the LED Driver to AC mains power.

Suspended led panel light


If you want the PDF document of  installation ,please contact with sales.


Cheap LED Grow Lights for farm project


LED Glow Lights

Known for their evergy saving and 50 000 hrs lifespan,LED grow lights are very ideal replacement for standard HID Grow Lights.There is very special feature,every diode is optimized to a more specific color of lights,offering you to customize the spectrum for both mushroom growth and flowering.Since the led grow lights is much less heat than old grow lights,there is few cooling systems  or needless.and then we can save the moeny for less power.

LED Grow Light Fixtures

These led grow lights fixtures is complete with the lighting systems ,which need from the vegetative state to flowering .It’s very interesting and easy to handle,you can hang it up and then watch your plants growing.make your life better.

Led Grow Strip Light for Mashroom Farm.

In the first ,these grow strip lights are very flexible.It’s easy to install for lots of application.Of course,grow led strip ligts are also very evengy-saving and long life span.Grow led strip lights is less heat and little space occupation,which can be used for mutivation stereo combination systems and good features to shorten the growth cycle of plants (mashroom )which can sell in the market in advance.


Produce Descripation

Color :Blue /Red (Red light, 610,630,670um; Blue light 450um, 470um)
SMD: 2835 /5050
Waterproof :IP65
Longth:15m-20m per watt (another size avaliable)
Voltage:DC12V OR DC24V
Easy Install,No glare,no interference and low electromagnetic radiation.
Green and enviromental protection,no mercury and other harmful substances.

In addtion,led grow strip light is not only energy-saving ,but also cheap price.It’s  very worth for farm projects.




LED Bed Light Closet Lights


Smart LED Bed Light

Do you have these problems

1. Did you have a trouble with finding the switch when you got up at night ?
2. Did you always feel glaring when you turn on the light suddently ?


This is the smart bed light, the motion sensor activated night light ,which can work out your all problem and give you dream night and give your room a distinctive professional design as well as the comfort and safety.


The bed light is very smart which detects both light and movement,led bed light only gives you light when you need .for example,it can turn on when your foot touches the floor ,and also it turns off when you go’s easy and very convenient to be installed without any tools.





• LED Qty: 90 pcs LEDs / 1.50M strip
• Color temperature: Ultra Warm White 2700-3300K
• Input: 120VAC 60Hz
• Output: DC 12V 1A
• Led strip Output: 120 lumen
• Turn-off delay time: 90s
• Sensor distance: ≤3M
• Sensor angle: 90°
• Control: Ambient light automatic monitoring and PIR Sensor function,a dark environment
This bed light kits including
• 1* 1.25m dust-proof and anti-static led strip with PU surface and 3M adhesive tape
• 1* PIR motion and light sensor
• 1* 1.5m power adapter
• 1* 1m Extension cable
• 1* ABS buckle and screw to fix the PIR sensor(Optional Installation)

Warmly welcome to contact with us or any feedback .thanks





5050 USB LED Strip TV Strip Light Waterproof


In the modern days our gadgets especially teenagers would like to look different from other, have you ever wondered how to make the gadgets you own to look more cooler and more fascinating than other people.Have you ever thought that what can you make with a minimal cost to make your own personal gadgets such as usb LED home tv looks more eye catching than the one your neighbors or maybe you own friends owned.


If you do have that kind of idea, have no worries you can create it with such a minimal cost and this is true. Have you ever heard of TV led strip? If don’t lets us enlighten you about 5050 led strip.But before we show you how RGB led strip will changed you normal and boring looking gadgets into fabulous and eye catching from the first of sight by anyone that come to have a look into it, please have a look on the picture below.

As you can see the picture above, how led strip can turn from a boring gadgets into an eye catching gadgets which everyone wants to make it them as soon as possible.Not only can be used on the gadgets but also can be used as decoration any corner in your house, how wonderful is that,not only u can mini renovate your house to be a fairy land for your kids but also switch your partner mood into a romantic situation when the kids are not at home, if you get what I mean.


With an easy installation process, you will turn your room or even your house into a masterpiece created by your own DO IT YOURSELF term.You will be the hero of your children, wife, girlfriend or maybe your parents, we are sure anyone will be amazed with what you have done to your stay.With a safety feature install into the mechanism, it is totally harmless for any age stage until a baby age stage, the led strip is power by 5 volt which is harmless to any human being and is waterproof, which you can install it even in your bath tub or even in your own private swimming pool.


It’s so easy to used you don’t even feel you are installing it until when you see it glow, and we promise you, you don’t break a sweat for installing it on any compartment you feel to install it.So what are you waiting for, hurry up let turn your place into a magical crash place or maybe a city of light like the one you see in the fictionist movie in the Hollywood, and what’s more important you can do it with much less, less, less and less cost.


Get yours one today, don’t be the last to get the most super cool trending equipment turn up and spice up your environment for your own comfort or maybe for the loved ones, that you cared so much and you will give the best only for them.