1000 Watt LED Flood Lights 140 000 Lumen 6500k Pure White CE RoHS UL with 5 years Warranty

1). Item No: OX-F400-1000w
2). Wattage: 1000W
3). CRI>80, RA90 is Optional.
4). Luminous  efficiency: 140lm/W.
5). Cool White, 5500K.Nature White,4500k,Warm White 3000k



1000 Watt LED Flood Lights

LED floodlight module is not like the cob led floodlight or smd led floodlight.These module food light delivers 140 lumen per watt,big watts up to 1000W,used by aluminum cooling fin.Modular floodlight is possible to connect with lots of module by system.Theoretically,it can be up 5000 watt or 10 000 watt.

In common,OX Lighting provide 50W led floodlight,100w led floodlight,150w led flood light,200w led flood light,300w led flood light ect.


Fixture Construction

High power led flood light is much better than normal led flood lights.These floodlights are consists of CREE or Samsung LEDS,Meanwell LED Driver ,fin aluminum alloy housing and Japan’s Mitsubishi original material with high transmittance of the lens.The module floodlight is high lumen,low energy,low temperature,10 000 hours lifespan.


Led flood light fixtures are patended independent module design ,These lamps are high luminous.For example,300W module floodlight produces 420 000 lumens and can replace up to 2000W HID fixture.the driver of power factor is up to 0.95 and voltage AC 90-277V 50/60Hz ,cree chip of high color rendering index to be 80 (RA80),waterproof of IP65 grade .


Module flood light has big advantage of adjustable and different bean angle 10°/30°/60°/120°.IES files, LM-79, LM-80 reports and photometrics test report to contact sales.There is the simple date as reference



LED Power LED Quantity-SAMSUNG LED Quantity-Cree Product Size(mm)
50W 72*1PCS 24*1PCS 238*102*178
100W 144*1PCS 48*1PCS 238*219*227
150W 216*1PCS 72*1PCS 238*340*227
200W 288*1PCS 96*1PCS 425*219*227
300W 432*1PCS 144*1PCS 425*340*227

Color Temperature

Module led flood light of color temperature as same as another led light fixture.There are three different color: warm white (2700-3200k), Nature White (4000-4500k)and pure white (6000-6500k)As 6500k pure white led floodlight is much more brightness than another color .This color is very popular in the market too.

color temperature

                                                  2700-3200k                    4000-4500k                  6000-6500k

Installation Options

It’s very easy to install and used widely.The application of domestic block, gymnasium, gas station,Square,factory, storage room,public parking lot, exhibition building.


Safety Notes:
1> To avoid possible damage to the eyes because of lamp of extremely bright
2> To avoid touching any external surface of the floodlight due to the possibility of high temperatures

a.Choose your location to fix the floodlight
b.Use the floodlight bracket to mark the position of the fixing holes
c.Drill the fixing holes, and fix the floodlight into position
d.Connect the mains lead from the floodlight to an IP rated junction box
Connect the green/yellow earth wire to the earth terminal ‘E’
Connect the brown live wire to the live terminal ‘L’
Connect the blue neutral wire to the neutral terminal ‘N
e.Switch on the electricity to check that floodlight illuminates



LED floodlight module of warranty is up to 5 years based on the high quality material,the aluminum fin heat sink design and meanwell driver used.With Cree or Sansung LEDS,It’s more 100 000 hours lifespan.

Available Options

Other watt available : 30 watt,50 watt, 100 watt.150 watt,200 watt,300 watt, 1000 watt
Other Voltages available:175-265v,100-277v

Additional information

Item No






Power Factor


Luminous (LM)

>140 000lm

Beam Angle (Degree)




Chip Brand

cree /Samsung

Rated lifetime (h)

50 000hrs




5 Years


factory, storage room, public parking lot, exhibition building


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